Monday, July 20, 2009

5 years and 15 months

We've taken thousands and thousands of pictures over the last 5 years and its hard to pick a handful that high light some of the great times we've had!

Engagement, May 2004

Coming out of the Salt Lake Temple on our Wedding Day
July 22, 2004

Celebrating our 1st Anniversary!

Our First Trip to Hawaii, 2006

9 months pregnant with Jacob and
the Day he was born. April 19, 2008

This last weekend Cameron and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. I can't believe 5 years has already gone by. Although there have been some very difficult moments over the last 5 years the amazing moments far out weigh the hard ones. When we got married I was just barely 19, I feel like I've done a lot of growing up with Cameron. We've both become "adults" together and I feel so amazed at some of the places we've been and things we've seen and most of all the amazing things we've accomplished together.

So to celebrate we started by sending Jacob to Grandma's and heading to Texas Road House. Anyone who know Cam knows he's a beef man so our dinner had to include beef and what better place than Texas Road House. We had a super delicious meal and then headed to the Crystal Inn. My sister in law works there so we got to stay there for the night for a sweet price!! Then Saturday on our way home to change we stopped by the Scout car wash that Cameron missed and then headed to Cowabunga Bay. Its a brand new water park really close to our house and we've been wanting to go there for a while so we thought we've give it a try while we had the day to our selves. It was a BLAST!! Cameron was like a kid again, I seriously think he felt like he was 10!! All in all we had a really great weekend to celebrate, I hope this next year is just amazing as the last 5!I was started when I noticed this Armidillo sitting next to me!!

Cameron enjoyed EVERY last bite of his 20 oz Prime Rib!

In other news Jake turned 15 months yesterday and had his appointment this morning. He is doing great!! He's not quite 20lbs but he's 31 inches tall! He is learning and growing so fast!! His vocabulary is expanding everyday and love to hear him speak his own little language. He is such a joy to have in our home and most defenantly the best thing that has happened to us over the last 5 years!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Family Night Out: Alpine Adventures

We didn't find the waterfall that's supposedly up there but we did find a beautiful spot where the water was easily reachable.

Jake LOVED riding on our shoulders!

He didn't do any hiking but he sure got tired!

On Monday Cameron got home at a decent time and we decided to make the most of the remaining day light. Cameron loves finding great hiking spots and can spend hours at a time looking at maps and finding trails. He took us to this trail that he recently found and it ended up being so beautiful. It was a fairly easy hike with some steep areas but it was totally worth it. Jake LOVED riding on our shoulders and treating us like horses (pulling our hair to get us to go faster!) At one point the Camera fell out of my pocket without my knowing it did and Cameron had to go looking for it and Jake loved sitting and playing in the dirt while we were waiting for him to come back (that's why my white shirt is dirty in some of the pictures.) It was a warm evening but most of the trail was shaded really well with big trees and the nice breezes kept us cool. It was the perfect way to spend the evening together!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Are you Friggin Joking!

I have to say since moving to Utah there have been many things I've noticed that have been less than pleasing. For the most part I just deal with it, that's life, o well. But today was the last straw and now its all coming out.

For starters, Utah drivers are THEE most inconsiderate commuters I have ever encountered and I learned to drive in HOUSTON!! Have you ever heard of a blinker? Its that little light that signals to other drivers that your going to swerve into there lane nearly knocking them off the road with hardly any notice... but the notice would be nice people. All common curtousey fly's out the window when Utahans get in the car. When I, who knows what a blinker is, decide I need to change lanes find that all most all the time people speed up so there not the ones who has to ride behind me or they get really ticked and ride my tail. Hello your not the only ones on the road!! Besides not knowing basic driving skills a lot of them are, sorry to say ummm stupid. You don't stop in the middle of intersection and you are required, by law, to pull to right when an ambulance or police is flashing there lights. Its not an option!

Ok now that that's out of my system let me share my less then pleasant experince with you from my trip to the DMV. Ok so NO body likes going to the DMV, especailly with a child but its one of those things you have to do.... Jake and I get to the DMV, both in a fairly good mood and ready to get this experiace over with. Now that our house in Arizona is sold I have to register my cars in Utah and get a Utah license. Most of my experiace was toralable with short waiting periods and I'm glad its almost over. The last thing I have to do is take a 25 question, open book test to finish getting my lisence. Up until now Jake was doing really well. He was being kinda loud but a happy loud. He just wanted to talk and play but I was proud of him for doing so well. So I get to the counter to start my test and the lady working the counter is very very visibley annoyed with me and I guess its because I have a 14 month old with me. I think "whatever lady, get over yourself. Theres atleast another dozen kids in here, one more isn't going to kill you!" I forget about it and sit down to my computer and let Jake sit in the empty chair next to me. He quickly starts playing around the chair and pulling things out of my bag for the most part being pretty good. After a while I will admit he was getting loud and I was a little distracted only because I was trying to read and keep and eye on him. I honestly didn't think anyone else was bothered. They same lady passes by several times and finally stops where Jake is playing and looks at the empty computer like he's destroyed it (he hasn't even touched it) and then puts her hands on her hips and very rudley and loudly "sushes" him. I'm thinking "um are you joking right now, don't sush my kid." Again I think "whatever" and hurry to finish my test but before I can answer the next question the Lady comes up to me and tells me people are complaining about "my kid" being a distraction and I need to "get him under control." Ok lady now you've done it, I've had about enough of you. So I say "what do you want me to do, stop taking my test?" she says "I don't know just keep him quiet!" I think to myself, fine I'm out of here and say "ok, If its bothering that much I'll leave" and she very firmly says "no ma'am I'm not bothered, other people are complaining." Ya right lady, you've acted annoyed from the moment you saw me, don't blame it on other people. So I stand up and say "stop my test then" and they guy behind me says "thank you!" ARE YOU FRIGGIN JOKING!! Its an OPEN BOOK test you moron, you don't need to consintrate that hard!! this isn't the libraby and even after I leave there are a handful of other kids in here that are still going to be making noise. At this point I'm TICKED, I mean really really mad. I'm shaking and I get all my stuff and leave. As I'm walking to the car I realize the "counter lady" has my license! OH CRAP, now i have to go back in there and face the monster!! So I go back to the other counter (not the test counter) and file a complaint about this whole situation and tell the manager how I understand its annoying to have a loud kid while your taking a test ok some people don't have any tolaroce but this lady handled it SO poorly and had absolutly no sense of basic human interaction! Anyway.... so now I have to go back at 7am tomorrow morning before Cameron goes to work so that I can get it over with without WWIII!
I wish I could have made this picture bigger but the "lady" kinda made me think of the mean principal from the movie "Matilda"

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Perfect Weekend

Just like his Daddy, Jake LOVED sitting by the creek and tossing stuff in.

The boy knows what he wants. SMORE'S

Jake loved picking up wood and helping Dad toss it in the fire pit!

Cameron has been working SO much lately that we hadn't had family time in a while. I'm not complaining because I'm so grateful he has had so much work to keep him busy. Last summer was really slow and tough for our family. But anyway, Cam finally had a whole Saturday off and we packed it full. We got up early and had a yummy flap jack breakfast then went down to the Draper park and Cam played with Jake on the playground while I went for a jog. We came home, put Jake down for a nap and then Cam and I napped too. When we woke up we ate lunch and headed down to the Draper pool for a few hours, came home and we all napped again. We woke up and ran some errands, ate dinner (chick fil a, one of my fav's!) and went to my nieces birthday party. Sunday after church we decided to make the most of the gorgeous weather and made up a picnic and headed up the canyon. Ahh it was SO nice to have some quality family time. I just wish I had our camera on Saturday. I didn't even think to tote it around with us but Sunday I made sure I had it with us.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bee's National Anthem

For those of you who remember a post back from March about singing the National Anthem at the Bee's game, I got asked to sing again. How cool is that! I must have done an alright job for them to think of me again. I'm really excited and I hope more of my family and friends can make it to this game. August 7th at 7:05pm!! See you there

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Family Pictures

Last week we had family pictures taken with all of my family and I'm really excited about them because they turned out SO cute. It was kinda strange how I found this girl that took them. Kinda a cousins friend of a friend but anyway I was really impressed with her amazing eye for photography and she did so well giving us directions and finding the perfect place to put us. Here is a copy of her blog, you might have to scroll through some older posts but until I get our cd here is sneak peek.

Love these girls!

For those of you that read my previous post about the crazy lunch with my old roomies, here is a picture that I stole from Angela. We really did have a good time despite my crazy son. I love these girls and I'm so glad we got to get together!