Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cooper first (real) hair cut.

I really really didn't want to cut Coopers hair :( He has such cute, really fine baby hair and its so blonde but his mullet got severe enough for me to finally give it. He fit so perfectly in my sink and was happy to play there while a I cut his hair. Its amazing how much old a little hair cut can make a "baby" look. This is my attempt at a before and after...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cooper's First Birthday!

Cooper was born on November 23rd 2010 and he has been such a blessing in my own life and in our family. He is the sweetest child, people cant help but notice how special he is. Everyone in the childcare center at the gym knows him by name and tells me all the time how much the "love Cooper." We've had quite the first year with little Coops. First of all he didn't have any health insurance because we forgot to add him to our policy right away and Larry Miller has very strict rules about things like that. There were many, many tears shed over that situation and after a lot of prayers and faith we made it through, despite the numerous ear infections! You'd never know, looking back on that year, that Cooper had 9+ infections. He has been happiest, easiest going baby I've ever know!

Here are a few pictures from his party.
(The parting lasted all week since it was the day before Thanksgiving and family was all in town)

Yes, the Cake idea came from Pinterest, don't Judge me!

End of Summer 2

During the Summer we spend almost all of our freetime outside. Its so pleasant here in the summers, especially in the late afternoon when ourside of the street is shaded and temperature is perfect! We have the cutest kids in our neighborhood and Jake and Cooper love them all!

Jake, Cooper and some of the neighbor kids playing with side walk chalk. Needless to say Cooper LOVED it!

Getting cleaned up!
Another thing I've leaned from pinterest is how to make headbands! I know I'm mean to make Cooper model them for me but i wanted to take a picture and their cuteness isn't captured by taking a pic of them laying of the floor! I've had so much fun making these for some of friends that have had girls. I cant wait to have me own girl (hopefully someday) to make these for!

End of Summer

Summer 2011

One thing I discovered in 2011 was PINTEREST!! Best thing ever! We have had some many delicous and new meals because of pinterest. Often Jake likes to help me in the kitchen.

One thing we've made over and over after finding it on pinterest is pizza balls!
Above is Cooper watching me and Jake make lunch and wait patiently for a taste. (its weird to look at these pictures 6months+ later and see how much my kids have changed.)
finished making them, after the oven and very much enjoying their deliciousness!
This last one is just because Cooper is so dang CUTE!! He is probably 9 month in that picture.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I know, I know...

It has been way, way, way to long. I Seriously never get on my computer anymore and blogspot is finally working on the iPad so I'll be able to update a lot more! A lot has happened in our family since I last updated. Cooper turned 1, we had an amazing holiday season with our family, Cooper finally got health insurance and tubes put in his ear and much more. We've had some interesting things happen at Cameron's work and some big decisions to make. We've also gotten over some nasty viruses at our house which has given me a lot of time at home to work on my new years resolution of being more organizesd. We've "acquired" more cars then we have drivers in an atempt to earn and save money for a house. Currently all 4 of our cars are for sell! Anyone interested?

With all the things that have come up in our lives that we really didn't expect, it's made we very aware of how very blessed we are in so many ways. I promise I'll post pictures soon, there are lots to show you!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Down Town Adventures

A few months ago we went to the Salt Lake Temple and visitor center with our ward missionary group and Jake loved every minute of it. He was totally mesmerized by the temple and how big and beautiful it was. He'd been asking to go back for a few weeks so me and my mom decided we'd make a day out of it. We met at the gateway and rode the Trax up to temple square which Jake thought was really cool, he'd never been on a train/trolly before. It was the perfect day to spend outside. Temple Square was as beautiful as ever and Jake soaked up every second.

Jake thought it was so cool that he was on the same staircase that Cam and I took our Wedding pictures on and stood in the same little nook!

After the Temple we road the trax back to the mall and let Jake run around in the fountain. I had no idea how popular that fountain is during the summer time. It was the perfect way to end our Down Town adventure!

7th Anniversary

Cam and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary in July.. I know I'm late in posting this. We spent a whole weekend in Park City and had a seriously good time! We stayed at this cute Austrian themed hotel, The Goldener Hurst, in Deer Valley that we would highly recommend and would
go back to again. We ate some super yummy food, saw a movie (harry potter and yes I cried,) and did lots and lots of shopping at the outlet malls. One of our favorite things we did was go to Olympic Park. We got to watch the Flying Ace, who are all olympic skiers, do a really cool show. To practice in the off season they go down these wet slopes and land in a pool. The Flying Aces made a show, timed to music, out of practicing and it is incredible to watch. I can't imagine doing all that and landing in a pool much less landing snow.

Over all we had a much needed, relaxing and fun weekend! I had no idea how fun and beautiful Park City was. Needless to say, we've already been back!