Thursday, July 9, 2009

Family Night Out: Alpine Adventures

We didn't find the waterfall that's supposedly up there but we did find a beautiful spot where the water was easily reachable.

Jake LOVED riding on our shoulders!

He didn't do any hiking but he sure got tired!

On Monday Cameron got home at a decent time and we decided to make the most of the remaining day light. Cameron loves finding great hiking spots and can spend hours at a time looking at maps and finding trails. He took us to this trail that he recently found and it ended up being so beautiful. It was a fairly easy hike with some steep areas but it was totally worth it. Jake LOVED riding on our shoulders and treating us like horses (pulling our hair to get us to go faster!) At one point the Camera fell out of my pocket without my knowing it did and Cameron had to go looking for it and Jake loved sitting and playing in the dirt while we were waiting for him to come back (that's why my white shirt is dirty in some of the pictures.) It was a warm evening but most of the trail was shaded really well with big trees and the nice breezes kept us cool. It was the perfect way to spend the evening together!


Alisa and Sky said...

That is so beautiful!! What a pretty hike!!

Angela Bricker said...

What a good way to spend an evening!

The Coons Family said...

What a beautiful spot! I love hiking near water...the sound, the air, just seems to make it more enjoyable. How FUN!

Jamie and Braden said...

Hey Ellen! I came across your blog through facebook...I'm always happy to find new people to keep in touch with through the blog world!