Thursday, January 12, 2012

I know, I know...

It has been way, way, way to long. I Seriously never get on my computer anymore and blogspot is finally working on the iPad so I'll be able to update a lot more! A lot has happened in our family since I last updated. Cooper turned 1, we had an amazing holiday season with our family, Cooper finally got health insurance and tubes put in his ear and much more. We've had some interesting things happen at Cameron's work and some big decisions to make. We've also gotten over some nasty viruses at our house which has given me a lot of time at home to work on my new years resolution of being more organizesd. We've "acquired" more cars then we have drivers in an atempt to earn and save money for a house. Currently all 4 of our cars are for sell! Anyone interested?

With all the things that have come up in our lives that we really didn't expect, it's made we very aware of how very blessed we are in so many ways. I promise I'll post pictures soon, there are lots to show you!

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Alisa and Sky said...

Cant wait for pictures! Thank goodness for Facebook so I can keep updated on you when you don't blog! I am horrible at it! It's one of my new years resolutions to take more pictures and videos and to be better about blogging them!