Thursday, January 26, 2012

End of Summer 2

During the Summer we spend almost all of our freetime outside. Its so pleasant here in the summers, especially in the late afternoon when ourside of the street is shaded and temperature is perfect! We have the cutest kids in our neighborhood and Jake and Cooper love them all!

Jake, Cooper and some of the neighbor kids playing with side walk chalk. Needless to say Cooper LOVED it!

Getting cleaned up!
Another thing I've leaned from pinterest is how to make headbands! I know I'm mean to make Cooper model them for me but i wanted to take a picture and their cuteness isn't captured by taking a pic of them laying of the floor! I've had so much fun making these for some of friends that have had girls. I cant wait to have me own girl (hopefully someday) to make these for!

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Alisa and Sky said...

Ha ha totally cracked me up you had Cooper model them! Love it! They are so cute!! I need to go on your pinterest and find those tutorials! Bailey needs cute headbands like that!! You definitely need a girl next!