Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cooper's First Birthday!

Cooper was born on November 23rd 2010 and he has been such a blessing in my own life and in our family. He is the sweetest child, people cant help but notice how special he is. Everyone in the childcare center at the gym knows him by name and tells me all the time how much the "love Cooper." We've had quite the first year with little Coops. First of all he didn't have any health insurance because we forgot to add him to our policy right away and Larry Miller has very strict rules about things like that. There were many, many tears shed over that situation and after a lot of prayers and faith we made it through, despite the numerous ear infections! You'd never know, looking back on that year, that Cooper had 9+ infections. He has been happiest, easiest going baby I've ever know!

Here are a few pictures from his party.
(The parting lasted all week since it was the day before Thanksgiving and family was all in town)

Yes, the Cake idea came from Pinterest, don't Judge me!


Megan said...

Happy Birthday Cooper! I guess I never realized that Coopers birthday was so close to Will's! Birthday Buddies!

Alisa and Sky said...

So cute!! The cake turned out awesome! Thats what pinterest is for (stealing and copying other peoples brilliant ideas!) I love it!! Happy birthday to cute little Cooper!