Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Down Town Adventures

A few months ago we went to the Salt Lake Temple and visitor center with our ward missionary group and Jake loved every minute of it. He was totally mesmerized by the temple and how big and beautiful it was. He'd been asking to go back for a few weeks so me and my mom decided we'd make a day out of it. We met at the gateway and rode the Trax up to temple square which Jake thought was really cool, he'd never been on a train/trolly before. It was the perfect day to spend outside. Temple Square was as beautiful as ever and Jake soaked up every second.

Jake thought it was so cool that he was on the same staircase that Cam and I took our Wedding pictures on and stood in the same little nook!

After the Temple we road the trax back to the mall and let Jake run around in the fountain. I had no idea how popular that fountain is during the summer time. It was the perfect way to end our Down Town adventure!


Alisa and Sky said...

How fun! Such cute pictures! Your kids are getting so big!! I hope we can get together sometime soon. Nate would have a blast playing with Jake!

eden and david said...

looks like you guys had tons of fun!!! your boys are so cute!